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612 | Rhythm of the Stars: Third Coast Percussion
612 | Rhythm of the Stars: Third Coast Percussion

Photo Credit: Saverio Truglio

Sun, Nov 6 | 6 – 7 PM
School of the Art Institute Ballroom
112 S Michigan Ave | Chicago, IL | 60603
  • Members: $15
  • Public: $20
  • Students and Teachers: $10

Already obsessed with different kinds of time—human time, the “spectral” time of sleep, the compressed cycles of insect noise—French composer Gérard Grisey was bowled over when he heard the percussive and regular emissions of pulsars, the super-dense remnants of stars that have gone super-nova. Come hear Chicago's extraordinary ensemble Third Coast Percussion perform the striking result, Le Noir de l’Etoile, an unforgettable composition for six percussionists and tape with the musicians surrounding the audience.

This program is generously underwritten as part of the Stanek Endowed Music Program series.


Hailed by The New Yorker as “vibrant” and “superb,” Third Coast Percussion explores and expands the extraordinary sonic possibilities of the percussion repertoire, delivering vibrant performances for audiences of all kinds. Founded in 2005, this “brilliant” ensemble (The Independent) has performed hundreds of concerts across the country and offers groundbreaking cross-disciplinary residencies.

  • The Stanek Endowed Music Program
  • 1986; 2031; 2044