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607 | Is There Anybody Out There?
607 | Is There Anybody Out There?
Sunday, November 5 | 4 - 5 PM
Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts
Performance Hall
915 E 60th St | Chicago, IL | 60637
  • Members: $12
  • Public: $15
  • Students and Teachers: $10

“A rare mind that can see numbers and their functions as clearly as the rest of us see colors and shapes.” — The New York Times

With her sharp eye for the unseen and a passion for clarity, MIT astrophysicist Sara Seager is a pioneer in the search for signs of life—or Earth-like planets—in our galaxy. Using light and its absence, Seager locates ‘exoplanets’ around nearby stars and then studies their atmospheres. The next step is to use future telescopes to identify which planets might have the atmospheric conditions suitable for life. While her quest is now accepted, it wasn’t that long ago that such ideas were associated more with science fiction than science proper. Come hear how Seager, who claims “everything brave has to start somewhere,” had the courage to believe in her own work and to forge a new and exciting path for science.


Sara Seager is a planetary scientist and astrophysicist. She is a pioneer in the vast and unknown world of exoplanets, planets that orbit stars other than the sun. Her ground-breaking research ranges from the detection of exoplanet atmospheres to innovative theories about life on other worlds to development of novel space mission concepts. Now, dubbed an “astronomical Indiana Jones,” she is on a quest after the field's holy grail, the discovery of a true Earth twin. Seager is a member of the National Academy of Sciences, a 2013 MacArthur Fellow and was named in Time Magazine's 25 Most Influential in Space in 2012.

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