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306 | Religion and the Media with The New York Times

Sunday, October 29 | 4 - 5 PM
First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple
77 W Washington St | Chicago, IL | 60602
  • Members: $12
  • Public: $15
  • Students and Teachers: $10

Empathy bridges divides, binds together community, helps us overcome cultural difference, and feels ever more important in our current rancorous and partisan moment. But is it religion that best fosters empathy? And how does media coverage shape the perception—and possibilities—of religion in public life? In this exclusive CHF/New York Times event, Times Chicago Bureau Chief Monica Davey leads a discussion between her Times colleagues Frank Bruni and Laurie Goodstein, along with Eboo Patel, leader of Chicago’s Interfaith YouthCore, about religious solutions to political and social divides.

This program recognizes the many contributions made to our community by the Chicago Community Trust and is presented in partnership with The New York Times.

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  • The Chicago Community Trust Program
  • On sale to members on 9/19 at 10am and on sale to public on 9/26 at 10am.